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School Nurse: Sheri Coburn, EdD, MS, RN, PHN, CSN

COVID-19 Corner  
We are ecstatic that Dr. Maggie Park and the California Department of Public Health has approved our School District reopening. Thank you to parents and staff.
The District has been meeting with Dr. Maggie Park, San Joaquin County Public Health Officer, every other week and following the California Department of Public Health Guidelines for School Reopening. 
We know that COVID-19 has made our school year look a little different, so we have been flexible and have worked to assess, develop and plan for our school district. 

We need your help!  Together we can curb COVID-19 by taking 4 easy steps:       COVID-19 check.PNG

1)  When schools reopen, please check your child BEFORE sending them to school.
     * In the morning, ask you child how they are feeling?  If they report they do not feel well, please do not send them to school.

     *If they report any unexplained signs or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not send them to school
       COVID-19 symptoms include:
       *Fever of > 100.4                                            *Unexplained Cough                          *Unexplained Diarrhea
       *Unexplained  Runny Nose/Congestion       *Unexplained Chills                            *Unexplained Fatigue
       *New Loss of Taste and Smell                     *Unexplained Nausea/Vomiting          *Unexplained Headaches,
       *Unexplained Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing                                           Muscle or Body Aches

2)  Minimize potential exposures/close contact, that is less than six feet contact for more than 15 minutes, with others. Encourage your child to maintain
physical distance (6 feet) from others. As the parent, guardian, caregiver, you can model this action.  Data shows that some people do not know they have COVID-19 so the best approach, as a general precaution, is to make sure they practice keeping physical distance from others.  

3)  Ensure your child washes their hands, uses face coverings as recommended, and avoids touching their face. Germs live everywhere and washing our hands is an important link in breaking the infection chain. Model good hand washing behavior to your family.  Provide friendly reminders to your family to wash their hands.  Washing your hands for 20 seconds has been shown to be the most effective way to eliminate germs in our surroundings.
chain of infection.PNG

4)  Talk to your child about COVID-19. This has been a stressful time for students and families. Children may feel isolated from others. Listening to what your child has to say can make a huge difference.  Consider playing a taking time to do an activity with them (cards, play doh, making beads, building legos). These are fun activities that your child can do that may open the door to conversation.  The California School Nurses Organization has worked with the California Counselors Association to bring you a website that has counseling resources.
Please visit this link:


2020 theme: Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free!

 Teachers and's time to enter the Red Ribbon Photo Contest for a chance to win an iPad for you or your family - and $1,000 for your school.
Use our social media tips to post Red Ribbon Week messages on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.      Be drug free.PNG

2021 National Red Ribbon Theme Contest
Gain national recognition and $500 of Red Ribbon theme merchandise for your school.
Access Natural High’s free celebrity drug prevention program, share celebrity videos in
your classroom and use their free Common Core Standards-based curriculum to inspire a conversation with your students.

Plan fun celebration days during Red Ribbon Week, such as Wear Red Day, Put A Cap On
Drugs (Hat Day), Put A Sock On Drugs Day, Be On A Drug Free Team Day (Wear Your
Favorite Team Gear), Shade Out Drugs Day (Wear Sunglasses), etc.

Red Ribbon week is October 23rd - 31st and this year it may look very different from the
past. Many of us are used to the great decorated classroom doors which have creative
themes and contests. Having dress up days and assemblies that address the importance of
staying safe and preventing drug use among youth.
With the digital learning in full swing, creativity also gets a make over. Here are some ideas
on how to get students engaged in some activities to showcase the importance of staying
healthy and Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free!

Download the Red Ribbon 2020
Planning Guide